A Thousand Words – September 5, 2022

As 24 alumni families are busy settling in to their rabbinic and educational shlichut in locations across the globe, the Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel Emissary Training Institutes are already looking toward the next destinations. This week, new program participants from the

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Training parents of shlichim

Training for emissaries… and their parents

For the first time in Israel: Training for the parents of shlichim as well  After 20 years of training shlichim to serve in Jewish communities in the Diaspora, Ohr Torah’s Straus-Amiel institute decided that the time has come for the

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Group of Claudia Cohen graduates in Venice

No Longer ‘The Rabbi’s Wife’

No Longer ‘The Rabbi’s Wife’  “I looked at the women around me with wonder and admiration, and found myself pondering the role of the rabbanit in this day and age and how different it all was when I was a

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Emissaries in their Own Right

Translated from Hebrew article by Shira Ravid Kipa Website – Published 24/06/2016 17:23 Emissaries in their Own Right The wives of the rabbis and educators who go on shlichut as emissaries are no longer simply an appendage to their husbands.

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“OTS Conference in Bulgaria” – Times of Israel

“A Rabbinic Conference in Bulgaria” by Rabbi Avi Baumol 05/4/2014 The Straus-Amiel and  Beren-Amiel emissarial-training programs prepare and place over 30 rabbis and educators annually in countries all over the world. To date, there are more than 160 spiritual leaders currently serving

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Rabbi Eldad and Ayelet Zamir

OTS Emissaries Open Bnei Akiva in Hong Kong

Kol Hakavod to OTS emissaries in Hong Kong, Rabbi Ariel and Ayelet Zamir, on the opening of its first Bnei Akiva branch.  Click to read the article in the Jewish Times Asia Click to read the report by Israel National News

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