Warsaw conference

Increased numbers of non-Jews attending synagogue services

Increased numbers of non-Jews attending synagogue services This trend is particularly interesting considering “the long history of antisemitism in Germany and Poland” said Ohr Torah Stone President By JERUSALEM POST STAFF  | JANUARY 31, 2020 L-R: Rabbi Yehoshua Ellis (Warsaw); Rabbi

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Illustrative Photo of Jewish woman by Melany Rochester on Unsplash

“Unity More Important than Ever”

Horrific report: Number of Jews killed in anti-Semitic attacks reaches all-time high in past year Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs comes out with a report on escalating anti-Semitism during past year. “Strengthening our unity more important

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Pittsburgh Strong

Pittsburgh Strong According to statistics released by the FBI, of the approximately 3,000 hate crimes committed against religious groups in the US in 2016, more than half were committed against Jews. By Rabbi Kenneth Brander | October 31, 2018 A

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