“Light at the end of the tunnel”

“Light at the end of the tunnel” – Released after 10 years  For 10 years, Miriam’s husband refused to grant her a get – a Jewish writ of divorce, even though their marriage was over. This is how one of the most difficult cases of aginut ended Gadi Deutsch | Maariv | 19 December 2019 …

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Portraits of a Life in Chains

Part of the exhibition

Portraits of a Life in Chains A permanent exhibition has been unveiled at Ohr Torah Stone’s Yad La’isha offices, which displays works of art commissioned by the organization to highlight the plight of chained women. Ohr Torah Stone opened a permanent art exhibition this month at the flagship offices of Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis …

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Far from home, yet close to the heart

Girls posing in front of bomb shelter

Last Friday, a group of girls studying in Oriya High School‘s Ann Belsky Moranis Cinema track set out for an investigative tour of the “Gaza envelope,” which surrounds the Gaza strip, concentrating on Kibbutz Alumim and Kibbutz Saad. The purpose for their visit was to research and refine the script that they wrote for their …

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A Thousand Words – November 5, 2018

Sheva Chaya demonstrating glass blowing to New Orleans community

Israeli artist Sheva Chaya joined OTS Amiel BaKehilla‘s third delegation to Cherry Hill, NJ; Charleston, SC and New Orleans, LA where her breathtaking glass-blowing presentations successfully engaged community members through the creation of beautiful Jewish art from Safed.  OTS Amiel BaKehila’s delegations to small and mid-sized communities across the Diaspora create a lasting connection to Jewish tradition, …

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Postcards from Freedom

Artist: Rinat Gilboa || 'Illustrating Freedom' series

Postcards from Freedom Ten stories of ‘bound women’ morphed into ten illustrations gracing Rosh Hashana greeting cards, part of an initiative by Yad La’isha.   Arutz Sheva Staff, 21/08/1  S, an aguna – Hebrew for a ‘bound woman’, whose husband has refused her a divorce – who recently received her get and with it her freedom, …

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