Aseret Yemei Teshuva

Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day Nine

Contemplations Rabbi Shuki Reich There are two themes which are central to Rosh Hashana. The first is that of listening – the main aspect of the shofar is, after all, to listen – and the second theme is prayer, expressing

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Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day Eight

“Ani LeDodi veDodi Li – I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine” Advocate Osnat Sharon The month of Elul and the ensuing Days of Awe are a time of reflection. We are told that the “King is in

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Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day Seven

The Mercy of a Father for His Children Rabbi Shlomo Vilk The laws of repentance and the prayers of the Days of Awe are more about concession and throwing up our hands in submission than about asking for forgiveness. We

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Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day Six

The Power of Speech Rabbanit Naama Frankel “שובה ישראל עד ה’ אלוהיך כי כשלת בעווניך… קחו עימכם דברים ושובו אל ה’” (הושע בפרק יד, ב-ג) “Return, O Israel to the Lord your God, for you have stumbled in your iniquity…Take

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Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day Five

Preparing to Become Rabbanit Devorah Evron A hush descends upon the synagogue. The sound of the shofar blasting is heard: tekia, shevarim, terua. The congregation immediately sings the wonderful piyyut: “HaYom Harat Olam – Today is the day of the world’s gestation.”

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Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day Four

Just Think, You Can Do Better Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein אף על פי שהתשובה והצעקה יפה לעולם, בעשרת הימים שבין ראש השנה ויום הכיפורים היא יפה ביותר, ומיד היא מתקבלת (הרמב”ם, הלכות תשובה ב, ח) “Even though repentance and prayer are

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Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day Three

Chana’s Prayer: A Worship of the Heart Rabbanit Nomi Berman Tefillat Chana, which we read on the first day of Rosh Hashana, still resonates thousands of years later. It does not only touch those who in some way share Chana’s

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Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day Two

The Sound of Joy Rabbi Shlomo Riskin The shofar makes many sounds. It also shouts – exultantly, triumphantly – through the firm and upbeat tekia sound, which precedes and follows each of the weeping terua sounds; a score of 2:1

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Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day One

Two Facets of Our Relationship with God Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander The primary mitzva of Rosh Hashana is the blowing of the shofar. Jewish law tells us that there are two sets of blasts: one, known as t’kiot d’meyushav, are

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