Israeli organization holds candle-lighting ceremonies across Israel In addition to the candle-lightings, Ohr Torah Stone’s Yachad Jewish Identity Program organized song groups, games and other activities for families to take part in throughout the country. By  Jerusalem Post Staff  | December 18, 2020  Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Israelis from the North to the South participated …

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“Parsha and Purpose” – Insights from Rabbi Kenneth Brander into Torah and Contemporary Life

Parshat Miketz 5780

Sources cited

  • Shabbat 21b

Day One – Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin Day Two – Rabbanit Sally Mayer Day Three – Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz Day Four – Pnina Omer Day Five – Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein Day Six – Rabbanit Atirat Granevich Day Seven – Rabbanit Billy Rabenstein Day Eight – Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander Download the booklet as PDF The …

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Chanukah Rabbi Brander

The Flame and the Light Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander Beit Shammai and Beit Hillel offer differing views on the kindling of the Chanukah lights. Beit Shammai’s reason for requiring a continual decrease from eight (Chanukah) lights to one is so that the various kindlings correspond to the bull (sacrifices) of the Sukkot festival, and Beit …

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Chanukah Atirat Grunevich

“If it was Extinguished, One is Not Bound to Relight it” Atirat Granevich The flickering lights in the Chanukiyah are truly heart-warming. These candles, melting away under the flames, draw our gazes and publicize the wondrous miracles that Hashem performed for us in those days. With this in mind, the halakha exempting us from relighting …

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