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“One Extended Family”

“One Extended Family” – OTS Emissary Training Programs Reach Out to Students’ Parents When a young couple makes the decision to leave Israel and serve as emissaries, the move impacts not only them, but their parents, as well.  Over the

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Building Jewish Communities During a Worldwide Pandemic

Building Jewish Communities During a Worldwide Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic struck each and every community throughout the world. The scope of Ohr Torah Stone’s global emissary network meant that OTS alumni and emissaries were in the forefront of helping people

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Group of Claudia Cohen graduates in Venice

No Longer ‘The Rabbi’s Wife’

No Longer ‘The Rabbi’s Wife’  “I looked at the women around me with wonder and admiration, and found myself pondering the role of the rabbanit in this day and age and how different it all was when I was a

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Ocean City a Religious Destination – WJW

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 BY JARED FORETEK For Rabbi Shalom and Revital Hadad, the beauty of Ocean City is matched only by the tenuousness of Jewish life. In the seaside town, kosher isn’t exactly commonplace. But the couple has set out to fill

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Serving the Diaspora – Jewish Independent

Friday 02nd, February 2018 Two years ago, Rabbi Gideon Osher Shmueli donated a kidney to a stranger, saving that individual’s life. These days, he works at Magen David Yeshivah in Brooklyn, N.Y., teaching Hebrew and bringing with that teaching the

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OTS Graduates “Blown Away” by Sukkot Generosity

Rabbi Eli and Rivka Magzimof, Chaplaincy Couple at Leeds University, were “blown away” by generosity of current and former Leeds students who helped them rebuild their sukkah after it was destroyed by fierce winds. Rebuilding the sukkah enabled Eli and Rivka,

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Emissaries in their Own Right

Translated from Hebrew article by Shira Ravid Kipa Website – Published 24/06/2016 17:23 Emissaries in their Own Right The wives of the rabbis and educators who go on shlichut as emissaries are no longer simply an appendage to their husbands.

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