JPost – Religion State Reforms Will Strengthen Halacha

Religion state reforms will strengthen halacha – opinion Modifications to kashrut and conversion systems represent a key opportunity to address critical issues in Jewish practice that demand change by Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander   | February 12, 2022  In ongoing discussions with

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A Warm Welcome into the Jewish People

A Warm Welcome into the Jewish People Each year, literally hundreds of Spanish speakers contact Rabbanit Renana Birnbaum, Director of Ohr Torah Stone’s conversion program for Spanish speakers in Israel. The program assists at least 50 families each year in

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The Torah Doesn’t Belong to Any One Denomination

“Rabbi Riskin: The Torah Doesn’t Belong to Any One Denomination” Rabbi Shlomo Riskin became one of the Chief Rabbinate’s biggest nemeses in 5775. His alternative conversion court is a direct challenge to the religious establishment, and he’s willing to go

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