This year, TEAM DARKAYNU consisted of more than 90 Darkaynu students, mainstream peers, dedicated staff, friends and family who ran, jogged, and walked the marathon course along with tens of thousands of others. Being part of a group so big and so diverse, surrounded by hundreds of others cheering them on, walking arm-in-arm with their mainstream friends and Darkaynu …

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“On Integration, Adaptation, Comfort Zones, and what is just beyond them” by Avi Ganz 09/3/2015 Years ago, it was widely accepted that any person who was noticeably different (religious belief, skin color, intelligence, mannerisms, etc.) was incapable of integrating into the mainstream.  What was done with these minorities depended on geography, socio-political norms and more, but the …

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Team Darkaynu is once again looking forward to walking, running, and jogging in our Holy City with tens of thousands of others. Join staff, students, and friends of the Darkaynu Programs for teens with special needs as we participate in the fifth annual Jerusalem Marathon on March 13, 2015! As we have done in the past three years, our team will …

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Every Tuesday, students from the Darkaynu Program for Men suit up to do volunteer work at the local IDF base,  Chatmar Etzion. Here are photos from the very first Tuesday of the 5775 (2014-5) academic year. Kol Hakavod L’Tzahal and Kol Hakavod L’Darkaynu!  

TEAM DARKAYNU ran, jogged and walked the Jerusalem Marathon for the third year in a row to raise awareness and scholarship funds for this inclusion program, the only year-in-Israel experience available for teens with special needs. Pictured: Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and OTS International Director, David Katz, pose with students and staff of Darkaynu Men’s Program, …

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Young men from the Darkaynu Program in a Krav Maga self defense class. Each student sets a personal goal and strives toward his personal best.  Through pushups, jogging, kicking, punching, shouting and a variety of exercises and techniques designed to improve their balance and general fitness, the class also impacts upon the students’ self-awareness and confidence.  

Young women from the Darkaynu Program packed mishloach manot at OneFamily, to be delivered on Purim to injured and bereaved victims of terror.

Darkaynu Men at IDF Base

Students from the Darkaynu Program for Men volunteer every Tuesday morning at the local IDF Base.