Run with us

Team Darkaynu is once again looking forward to walking, running, and jogging in our Holy City with tens of thousands of others. On March 21st, the staff, special students, and friends of the Darkaynu Programs will don orange and join in the fourth annual Jerusalem Marathon! As we did the last two years, our team runs …

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Darkaynu choir

Congratulations to Midreshet Lindenbaum‘s choir, featuring young women from the Maria and Joel Finkle Overseas Program and the Darkaynu Program, for their third place win in Kedma’s annual Choir Competition, benefitting underprivileged women.

Jerusalem and Gush Etzion are still recovering from the worst snowstorm in decades. Today – eight days after the first flakes began to blanket the Judean hills – there are still homes without electricity, businesses that cannot open, streets covered in black ice, inestimable damage to property, and huge mounds of snow everywhere. But there are also heartwarming stories which so characterize Israelis. Displays of kindness, lightheartedness and generosity on levels far higher than the tallest snowdrift. Ohr Torah Stone’s students and faculty were no exception. We are proud of our teenage high-schoolers who volunteered to shovel out the driveways of local residents and visit elderly, sick or infirm members of their communities. We are proud of our students, faculty and staff members who exemplify the Jewish values of chessed and tzedek, who never forget those amongst us who are less fortunate and never forget the ideals on which the Torah stands. May the good deeds that transpired over the past week merit an Israel that is soft and white, long after the snow melts.