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TOI – In first, women take official Jewish law tests

In first, women take official Jewish law tests, but activists say it isn’t enough For now, the state-issued exams represent a purely symbolic victory, granting female Torah scholars formal recognition with no practical significance By Judah Ari Gross | 15

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How do women “speak” halakha?

How do women “speak” halakha? An erev iyyun dedicated to women’s halakhic discoce and perspectives on the Role of Women in the Beit Midrash What do we call a woman who learns halakha – a Rabbanit? Rabba? Rabbi? Why do

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Blazing Trails in the Religious World

Blazing a trail:  pioneering women in the religious world The Ohr Torah Stone network is at the forefront of change in every facet of the women’s Torah revolution: offering Torah studies and halakha instruction for women, freeing agunot and fostering

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