Rabbi Nechemia Krakover

JPost – Taking it To Heart

Taking it To Heart – Opinion Rabbi Nechemia Krakower Just recently, a fellow teacher approached me with a somewhat shocking question and realization. “It appears that our educational system is essentially the country’s largest first responder unit for the treatment

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New Name for OTS’s Oriya High School for Girls

Boca Raton Family Names Leading Israeli Girls High School The Katz Oriya High School Expanded With Gift of Caroline & Daniel Katz and Family (Gush Etzion – January 8, 2023) The Israel-based educational network Ohr Torah Stone (OTS) has announced

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International Halakha Study Program Enters Second Year

International Halakha Study Program Enters its Second Year  “Women in positions of Jewish leadership need to be able to lead from a position of knowledge,” says Joanne Greenaway, Chief Executive of the London School of Jewish Studies and participant in

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Working Men and Women

Working Men and Women: Vocational Training Restored as Israel Emerges from Covid Pandemic Many young adults were delighted not to have to go to work during the COVID pandemic, but the young men and women of the Norm and Elaine

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Darkaynu at machanaim

Feeling at Home

Feeling at Home Students from the Elaine and Norm Brodsky Yeshivat Darkaynu program have been welcomed warmly into their new ‘home away from home’ on OTS’s Beren Campus for Men. Student Yochanon Gittleson: “I was worried that because of corona,

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Here for the Year – Against All Odds

Here for the Year – Against All Odds Students with special needs who participate in OTS’s Elaine and Norm Brodsky Darkaynu Program face many more challenges than their mainstreamed year-in-Israel peers. If this is true during a regular academic year,

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kids laughing

Uniting and Exciting Jews Around the World

Uniting and Exciting Jews Around the World “A rabbi and a puppeteer walk into a bar…” While this may sound like the start of a bad joke, this scene actually took place in February, as members of an OTS Amiel

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Rabbi Shlomo Riskin talks with Nachum Segal

This morning, Nachum Segal welcomed OTS founder, Chancellor Emeritus and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Shlomo Riskin to JM in the AM. Rabbi Riskin reminisced about his days in New York, his aliya to Israel and the founding of Efrat, the establishment

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Giving thanks

Thankfulness is a basic human virtue

Thankfulness is a basic human virtue Today’s schools focus on teaching the whole child: heart, soul and mind. There is even a focus on spirituality in our schools. God has finally made it into the curriculum! BY KENNETH BRANDER | 

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