Jewish Identity on the Vistula

Summer in the northern hemisphere means summer camps. Normally, these camps are for children and teens, but not in Poland. A family camp (funded by the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation) attended by 130 people, families with old and young, took

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Baking with a Twist

Rabbi David Benchelouche is a graduate of OTS’s Straus Amiel and Maarava programs; his wife, Tirtza, an alumna of the Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute. A few months ago they took up a position as Rabbinic couple at the Sephardi Hebrew Congregation, Cape Town, South

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Shabbat Yisraelit / Shabbat Project

OTS’s Yachad Program was proud to be one of the partners in “Shabbat Yisraelit”  – a nationwide initiative in which observant and nonobservant Israeli families joined together to share a Shabbat experience, in an effort to launch a joint search for a common language

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Remembrance and Celebration

Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Memorial Day) is followed immediately by Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day); the transition from a somber day of national mourning to unbridled celebration creates an intense, emotionally-charged mood throughout Israel.  That special energy and poignancy is captured in the

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“OTS Conference in Bulgaria” – Times of Israel

“A Rabbinic Conference in Bulgaria” by Rabbi Avi Baumol 05/4/2014 The Straus-Amiel and  Beren-Amiel emissarial-training programs prepare and place over 30 rabbis and educators annually in countries all over the world. To date, there are more than 160 spiritual leaders currently serving

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Rabbi Eldad and Ayelet Zamir

OTS Emissaries Open Bnei Akiva in Hong Kong

Kol Hakavod to OTS emissaries in Hong Kong, Rabbi Ariel and Ayelet Zamir, on the opening of its first Bnei Akiva branch.  Click to read the article in the Jewish Times Asia Click to read the report by Israel National News

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Rabbi Eliahu Birnbaum

תור חדש, “רב עולמי”, בעיתון מקור ראשון

מאמר הפתיחה למדור החדש של הרב אליהו בירנבאום (העומד בראש תוכניות שטראוס-עמיאל להכשרת רבנים וברן-עמיאל  להכשרת מחנכים), “רב עולמי”, שיופיע אחת לשבועיים במוסף השבת של העיתון מקור ראשון 

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