Introducing Jews to Judaism

Introducing Jews to Judaism Many Jewish Israelis identify as secular and yet, they are thirsty for a sense of meaning and connection. The Yachad Program for Jewish Identity strives to quench this thirst by engaging such Israelis in an active

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The Biblical Meaning of “Kippurim”

The Biblical Meaning of “Kippurim”  Rabbi Menachem Leibtag Midreshet Lindenbaum  Is the ‘Day of ATONEMENT’ a precise translation for YOM KIPPUR?  In English, the word ‘atonement’ implies amends for a certain wrongdoing. In this sense, the ‘Day of Atonement’ implies

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Rabbi Shlomo Vilk

Letting Go

Letting Go Rabbi Shlomo Vilk Rosh Yeshivat Machanaim, Named in Memory of Joseph and Leila Applebaum The soul has two primary ways of preserving the past: through nostalgia and memory. Nostalgia is a negative force insofar as it arouses longing

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Rav Ohad Teharlev

Justice to Mercy

From Justice to Mercy Rabbi Ohad Teharlev Director of Israeli Programs, Midreshet Lindenbaum The theme of “memory” figures prominently during the High Holy Days, particularly on Rosh Hashana, which the Torah calls Yom Hazikaron and Zichron Terua . To underscore this concept, our Sages quote

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Minhagei Aveilut of Sefirat Ha-Omer

The Minhagei Aveilut of Sefirat Ha-Omer By Rabbi David Brofsky The Gemara relates: It was said that R. Akiva had twelve thousand pairs of disciples, from Gabbat to Antipatris; and all of them died at the same time because they

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