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Far from home, yet close to the heart

Girls posing in front of bomb shelter

Last Friday, a group of girls studying in Oriya High School‘s Ann Belsky Moranis Cinema track set out for an investigative tour of the “Gaza envelope,” which surrounds the Gaza strip, concentrating on Kibbutz Alumim and Kibbutz Saad. The purpose for their visit was to research and refine the script that they wrote for their …

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Second Place to Oriya’s “Chick Flick”

The movie “Seret Banot” (“Chick Flick”), produced by students in the Ann Belsky Moranis Film track at OTS Oriya High School, won second place in the final competition today, held at the Conference of State-Religious School Film Departments.  The movie deals with a common issue affecting teen girls: modesty, and enables for an open view and insightful …

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