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Do We Love Our Daughters Less Than They Do Theirs?  This week, we mark International Aguna Day, traditionally held on Ta’anit Esther, the fast on Purim eve. (An aguna is a Jewish woman who is “chained” to her marriage.) BY KENNETH BRANDER |  MARCH 13, 2019 “All the books of the prophets and all the holy …

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Conference on Jewish Marriage Ceremony

“The Jewish marriage ceremony doesn’t reflect the changes in women’s status” Rosh Yeshivat Hesder Machanaim spoke at a special conference about the Jewish marriage ceremony in our times. Rabbnit Godinger Dreyfus noted that she “views changes like these as a blessing,” yet added, “not everything that is permissible is desirable.” Kipa News – Published: 15.07.18 [Translated from …

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