Building Identity and Creating Community

Building Identity and Creating Community For many secular Israelis who wouldn’t think of entering a synagogue or participating in “religious” activities, the Yachad Program provides meaning – as well as an outlet that empowers them to explore their Jewish heritage and even pass it on to their children. “Israelis who are religious have a much …

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Bringing People Close

Bringing People Close “At a time when restrictions still prevent our Yachad facilitators from bringing community members to programs, we are bringing all programs to them.” Lag B’Omer, Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) and Shavuot, like all Jewish holidays, are typically celebrated in large groups – singing around a bonfire, dancing in the streets of Jerusalem, …

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Introducing Jews to Judaism

Introducing Jews to Judaism Many Jewish Israelis identify as secular and yet, they are thirsty for a sense of meaning and connection. The Yachad Program for Jewish Identity strives to quench this thirst by engaging such Israelis in an active quest to explore and celebrate their heritage in an accepting, non-coercive and warm environment. Empowerment; …

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