Ynet -“A courageous decision under fire”

OTS is proud of commando paramedic Z., a graduate of Neveh Shmuel Yeshiva High School, for the brave, split-second decisions he made during a shootout near Jenin which ultimately saved the lives of the unit’s company commander and radioman (read

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Virtual Gala 2020

Even if you were unable to attend the Virtual Gala, you can still see the inspirational videos paying tribute to our two honorees and four COVID heroes.

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Gush Etzion Heroine

Mayor of Gush Etzion, Davidi Perl, writes:  “Yesterday I met a national heroine. Shaked Gabai, a student in Ohr Torah Stone’s Ulpanat Oriya came to my office, two weeks after she witnessed the terror attack at the bus stop in

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