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Congratulations OTS Class of 2019!

OTS salutes 422 new alumni of Derech Avot Boys’ High School, Jacob Sapirstein Boys’ High School, Jennie Sapirstein Girls’ High School, Neveh Channah Girls’ High School, Neveh Shmuel Boys’ High School, and the Oriya Girls’ High School. OTS graduates achieve

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Oriya Awarded Prestigious Education Prize

Congratulations to the staff, parents and students of the Oriya High School for Girls in Alon Shvut, and its principal, Yonat Lemberger, upon being awarded the prestigious Prize for Religious Education for the year 5776!    

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Public Trial at OTS Oriya

When was the last time you heard a debate so passionate and relevant and yet simultaneously so deep and cultured? On Rosh Chodesh Adar 1, such a debate took place at OTS Ulpanat Oriya. The discussion represented the meeting point of

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OTS Teacher Wins “Environmental Hero” Award

Congratulations to beloved Neveh Channah and Neveh Shmuel high school teacher Arik Har Zahav on being awarded the “Environmental Hero” award by KKL and Yediot Aharonot! When he first suggested teaching Environmental Science, “they thought I was crazy, just crazy,” Arik

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Yom Yerushalayim

A taste of the Yom Yerushalayim festivities that took place at the OTS Jennie Sapirstein High School for Girls in Ramot, Jerusalem. The theme was “Ingathering of the Exiles,” produced by the school’s talented 7th graders.

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OTS students win Young Entrepreneurs Award

Students from the Ohr Torah Stone Jennie Sapirstein High School for Girls in Ramot, Jerusalem who participated in the Ministry of Education’s “Amirim” program for outstanding students won second place in the “Young Entrepreneurs” 2014 competition, with mentoring by their

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“OTS Day” at Yeshivat Hesder Machanaim

Ohr Torah Stone’s three high schools for boys (Derech Avot, Efrat; Jacob Sapirstein OTS, Ramot; and Neveh Shmuel, Efrat) came together last week for a day of learning and unity, hosted by OTS’s Yeshiva Gvoha/Army program, Yeshivat Hesder Machanaim, in memory

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