“Torch of Bravery” in memory of Yuval Heiman

“The Torch of Bravery” – “Lapid HaGvura” A day of study and sport, in memory of 2nd Lieutenant Yuval Heiman, z”l, who died defending Israel during Operation Protective Edge. “We must transform our grief into something constructive.” On Thursday, December 18th, students from OTS Derech Avot High School in Efrat were joined by soldiers from the Paratroopers’ …

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Rabbi Riskin: “Women’s enlistment not against halacha, it’s a mitzvah”

Hadas in Beit Midrash

Read the Arutz 7 article “Rabbi Riskin on Women’s Enlistment: It’s a Mitzvah“ “While others shout and threaten, we are taking productive action so that our daughters will be more prepared, and so that their military service will strengthen and bolster their spirits and their inner world and national identity”      

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