Passing the Baton

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Passing the Baton After filling the position for decades, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin – founder of the Ohr Torah Stone network – is passing the torch to his successor, Rabbi Katriel (Kenneth) Brander.  In a joint discussion, the two speak about burning issues in the world of education and the rabbinate, and of their aim of… Continue Reading Passing the Baton

Darkaynu – This is Our Way

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Darkaynu – This is Our Way The blessed initiatives bringing young Jews from the Diaspora to a year of learning in Israel left young women and men with special needs behind. The Darkaynu programs succeed in makeing the Jewish and Zionist year-in-Israel experience accessible.  By Ariel Schnabel – Makor Rishon Weekend Supplement | 16 November,… Continue Reading Darkaynu – This is Our Way

“Aliya has complex ramifications…”

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“Aliya has complex ramifications, and we must deal with them” After leading the transformation of a small Florida community into one of the most influential Jewish communities in the United States, Rabbi Katriel (Kenneth) Brander was appointed Vice President of Yeshiva University. He certainly astonished a great many when he decided to leave it all,… Continue Reading “Aliya has complex ramifications…”

An Interview with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

“Rulings devoid of human compassion will bring Orthodoxy to its end” Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who is due to step down from his position as chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone this summer, explains where the poskim of our times are wanting, why he himself is such a fervent feminist and answers the question whether the Chief… Continue Reading An Interview with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

A Rabbi’s Sorrow – צער רב

“A Rabbi’s Sorrow” Rabbi Shlomo Riskin really thought that it would be different. That those in the seat of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate would be righteous and more tolerant — toward women, converts and even Conservative Jews. Instead, they accuse him of straying from the halakha. by Zvika Klein Makor Rishon 4/08/2017 “If I could… Continue Reading A Rabbi’s Sorrow – צער רב