Rabbi Riskin

“God Listens to Reform Jews Too”

‘God listens to Reform Jews, too’ Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, a devoted educator and scholar who combines Orthodox religious practice with a willingness to butt heads with the rabbinical establishment, insists that Israel and U.S. Jewry cannot give up on each

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Ethiopian Group at the Kotel

Israel Before All Else

Israel before all else The government has not yet decided what to do with them; even among Israelis of Ethiopian descent not everyone is thrilled by their arrival; and in their native country, this voyage came at great expense.  However,

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Blazing Trails in the Religious World

Blazing a trail:  pioneering women in the religious world The Ohr Torah Stone network is at the forefront of change in every facet of the women’s Torah revolution: offering Torah studies and halakha instruction for women, freeing agunot and fostering

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TITLE In a modest apartment in the town of Alon Shvut outside of Jerusalem, a group of young men are enjoying the experience of living together in ways many thought impossible just a few years ago. The four men all

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Cover of Makor RIshon Magazine

Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton After filling the position for decades, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin – founder of the Ohr Torah Stone network – is passing the torch to his successor, Rabbi Katriel (Kenneth) Brander.  In a joint discussion, the two speak about

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photo of Darkaynu and Finkle girls in beit midrash

Darkaynu – This is Our Way

Darkaynu – This is Our Way The blessed initiatives bringing young Jews from the Diaspora to a year of learning in Israel left young women and men with special needs behind. The Darkaynu programs succeed in makeing the Jewish and

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“Aliya has complex ramifications…”

“Aliya has complex ramifications, and we must deal with them” After leading the transformation of a small Florida community into one of the most influential Jewish communities in the United States, Rabbi Katriel (Kenneth) Brander was appointed Vice President of

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