“Jerusalem in our Hearts: Near and Far”

Episode 19: “Jerusalem in our Hearts: Near and Far”
What caused a small group of Jewish warriors in the Golan Heights, so far away from Jerusalem, to put their lives on the line and go to war against the mighty Roman army?

And what surprising message can each of us learn from their priorities today?

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Jerusalem Post – A Teachable Moment?

A Teachable Moment? – opinion Many evangelical Christians are ignorant about the hatred and disdain expressed toward Jews by respected Christians from our tradition. By Timothy Yoder | May 28, 2023 Evangelical Christians, especially those who reside in the United States,

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“What is God’s Role in the Halakhic Process”

Episode 18: “What is God’s Role in the Halakhic Process”

An angel appears to you and teaches you Torah. Would you rule on matters of Jewish law in accordance to the revelation you received, or according to your own human interpretation? Rabbi Yosef Caro, author of the Shulchan Aruch, had an unequivocal position: human interpretation. How did he dare to approach Jewish law that way?

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“The Chamber of Silent Gifts”

Episode 17: “The Chamber of Silent Gifts”

How many of us think of the Beit HaMikdash as a place of chessed and acts of kindness?

In this week’s episode of Rabbi Kenneth Brander’s “If These Stones Could Speak,” a visit to an ancient site shows how the secret acts of kindness took place in the Holy Temple were replicated in the synagogues – and examines the implications for us today. 

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“Visioning What Others Don’t See”

Episode 16: “Visioning What Others Don’t See”

True Jewish leadership is leadership with a vision. Leadership that sees beyond the here and now.

What is the important message that Rabbi Akiva teaches us about today? And how can each of us see what has not yet happened?

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If These Stones Could Speak – “Why the Rabbi Wrote on Shabbat”

Episode 15: “Why the Rabbi Wrote on Shabbat”

Why did Rabbi Kalonymus insist on being buried outside of the Jewish cemetery – and without a tombstone?

How is his request related to the legend of a terrible attempted massacre on the Jews of the city, after the bloodstained body of a Christian child was found in synagogue on Shabbat?

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From Discord and Tragedy to Unity and Strength

From Discord and Tragedy to Unity and Strength “Our response to the deepening fissures in Israeli society must be to double down on building a stronger, more unified society with a sense of shared language and purpose,” declares Rabbi Shay

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If These Stones Could Speak – “Hiding in Plain Sight”

Episode 14: “Hiding in Plain Sight”

On the one hand, the Sages built the synagogue in the city so that it would not face Jerusalem to make it clear to the Romans that they had no national aspirations. But on the other hand, they planted secret clues to highlight Jerusalem.

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