Jerusalem Marathon 2015

Team Darkaynu 2015

This year, TEAM DARKAYNU consisted of more than 90 Darkaynu students, mainstream peers, dedicated staff, friends and family who ran, jogged, and walked the marathon course along with tens of thousands of others. Being part of a group so big and so diverse, surrounded by hundreds of others cheering them on, walking arm-in-arm with their mainstream friends and Darkaynu …

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Praying for Moshe’s recovery

“Moshe, we’re praying for your recovery” On Friday, 13 March, 70 students from the OTS Jacob Sapirstein High School for boys in Ramot took part in the Jerusalem Marathon. All of the runners wore a sticker saying “Moshe, we’re praying for your recovery,” in honor of their schoolmate Moshe, a twelfth grader who was critically …

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