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“New Orthodox Rabbanit” – Jerusalem Post

“Israel’s new Orthodox rabbanit speaks of her new role” by Jeremy Sharon 24/8/2016 Carmit Feintuch, the newly appointed spiritual leader for the Ramban synagogue in south Jerusalem, has said she sees a sense of mission in her new position to help enrich the religious lives of community members. As first reported by The Jerusalem Post, Feintuch …

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Winds of Overwhelming Shame

  “The Winds of Overwhelming Shame” by Pnina Omer Jerusalem Post Op-Ed –  30/05/2016 The ongoing comedy of domestic violence only exposes the success stories: when he succeeds in cutting her life short, he gains immortal fame. Journalists and neighbors cluck their tongues; acquaintances and strangers cry over the victim and talk about how fragile/brave she was, …

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“Accomplices to Crime” – Jerusalem Post

“Accomplices to Crime” by Moriah Dayan 20/3/2016 The uniqueness of a groundbreaking decision handed down by the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court on Monday lies in the object of the ruling: the father of a sarvan get – a man who is cruelly refusing to provide his wife with a Jewish writ of divorce – has been …

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“Resolution Political and Unfortunate” – Jerusalem Post


“RCA resolution on female ordination‘political and unfortunate,’ says Riskin” By JEREMY SHARON 5/11/2015 Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, municipal chief rabbi of Efrat and one of the most prominent leaders of Modern Orthodoxy, has criticized a recent resolution adopted by the Rabbinical Council of America which banned its member rabbis from giving any form of ordination to …

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Don’t Call Me Rabbi

  Barbara Sofer – The Human Spirit “Don’t Call Me Rabbi” Jerusalem Post –  23/10/2015 An antiquated assumption that women are incapable or unwilling to grasp grand concepts hasn’t quite disappeared, despite the existence of women justices, neurosurgeons, and Google CEO’s. An Orthodox woman has studied Talmud and Jewish law for five years and has …

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Aguna Freed After 28 Years

“Aguna of 28 Years granted Divorce Two Days Before Passover” by Jeremy Sharon 1/04/2015 Long-term agunot are unable to exit a marriage due to certain stipulations of Jewish law, are uncommon but sadly not unknown in Israel.  But the case of one woman, mercifully solved this week, is truly exceptional. Raya Dinenberg was unable to terminate …

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Festival of Freedom?

  “Festival of Freedom?” by Osnat Sharon Jerusalem Post Op-Ed –  31/03/2015 Naama caanot fall asleep at night. She never imagined that she would find herself living in such threatening circumstances – the type one generally associates with movies featuring gangsters or the mafia. She tries to understand how she found herself the victim of extortion for …

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WIHL intern to serve Efrat – Jerusalem Post

Courtesy of Kruter Photography

“Orthodox woman appointed to serve as communal spiritual leader in Efrat” Efrat’s municipal chief rabbi Shlomo Riskin selects Dr. Jennie Rosenfeld in what is perhaps the first appointment of its kind in Israel in the Orthodox world By JEREMY SHARON 01/18/2015 Click here to read the article on the Jerusalem Post website The settlement of …

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Religious Court Allows Wedding – Jerusalem Post

“Supreme Rabbinical Court grants permission for woman to marry long term partner” by Jeremy Sharon 10/11/2014 A woman who was denied the right to marry her partner of 10 years due to the exigencies of an obscure aspect of Jewish law has finally been granted the right to wed.   Shlomit Lavi was prevented by the …

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Listening to Sarah’s Voice

  “Listening to Sarah’s Voice” by Dr. Jennie Rosenfeld Jerusalem Post Op-Ed –  9/11/2014 There are some places and situations where males, including rabbis, should never be present. One of them is a women’s mikveh. Period. I hate to write what might be mistaken for schadenfreude. Amid the allegations against Rabbi Barry Freundel, amid the condemnation and …

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When Film and Reality Meet

  “When Film and Reality Meet” by Osnat Sharon Jerusalem Post Op-Ed –  14/10/2014 A woman has been separated from her husband for four years. She doesn’t love him anymore, doesn’t get along with him and wants a divorce. And the husband? He refuses to give her a get – a Jewish divorce document. She’s been trying …

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