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Am Yisrael Chai!

Am Yisrael Chai! Following last night’s terror attack by Palestinian gunmen, which killed four Israelis and wounded six, tens of young people from the Tel Aviv region came to the Sarona Market complex this morning to show support for the shopkeepers and

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Megilla BaKehilla

(Scroll down for photos) As part of this year’s “Megilla BaKehilla” initiative, OTS’s Yachad Program ran 148 community-oriented Megillah readings throughout Israel with the participation of 22,000 Israelis. Each reading was punctuated by questions and answers, singing and dancing, animated presentations and dramatic pantomime, all in an

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Shofar in the Park

Many secular Israelis desperately seek a connection to their Jewish heritage, but they aren’t sure where to go to find it — and the last place they want to look is in a synagogue. “But just because someone doesn’t feel

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Lighting and Igniting

OTS’s Yachad Program has 30 Jewish Cultural Facilitators working in community centers throughout Israel, inspiring unaffiliated or disaffected Israelis to rekindle their connection to their Jewish heritage and sparking in them an interest in exploring their Jewish identity. Here’s a

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Sukkot for Everyone

“The sukkah belongs to everyone,” says Aryeh Engleman, one of the Yachad Program‘s 30 Jewish Cultural Facilitators working to expose Israelis to their heritage and strengthen their Jewish identity in community centers throughout Israel. “It is a temporary home for everyone and is

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“There’s Room for Everyone”

While Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are arguably the most celebrated of the Jewish festivals in the Diaspora, ironically, these High Holidays are often devoid of meaning for many Israeli Jews who identify as secular, and who see them as

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Lag BaOmer Bat Yam

A Lag B’Omer visit from Rabbi Akiva

“Lag B’omer is actually one of the few holidays which is celebrated in every single sector of Jewish Israel, from secular to ultra-Orthodox communities,” notes Itai Kremer, the Yachad Program’s Jewish Cultural Facilitator in Bat Yam. ” And yet, the

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Chai Beit Midrash

New Yachad Beit Midrash Launched in Tel Aviv

A unique, new Beit Midrash was launched last night by Ori Weill, the Yachad Jewish Cultural Facilitator working in North Tel Aviv’s community centers. The Beit Midrash is of Jewish-Israeli identity, and is comprised of three components, each of which affects the other: Every

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Kabbalat Shabbat in Katzrin

Kabbalat Shabbat in Golan Heights Capital, Katzrin

A snapshot from the Kabbalat Shabbat that took place last Friday in the refurbished lobby of the Katzrin Cultural Center, part of an ongoing series of Kabbalat Shabbat events run by Chaim Possick, the Yachad Program‘s Jewish Cultural Facilitator in

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