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Time to end the “pitched battle” destroying the Jewish People

Time to end the “pitched battle” destroying the Jewish People No one, not Orthodox nor Reform, will win this battle, while our common enemy, assimilation and intermarriage, will continue to destroy. Oped by Rabbi Reuven Spolter June 24, 2020 / Arutz 7 Rabbi Eliezer Melamed doesn’t need me to defend him. After Rav Melamed participated in …

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Attaining Modern Day Redemption

Rabbi Kenneth Brander

Attaining Modern Day Redemption Rabbi Kenneth Brander | May 6, 2019 While still a student at Yeshiva University, I was asked by the family of Rabbi Soloveitchik z”l, to serve with a small group of students as one of the Rav’s student aides. It was our sacred privilege to assist Rabbi Soloveitchik during his two …

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Between “Eicha” and “Ayeka”


Between “Eicha” and “Ayeka” by Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander The first and central kinah said on Tisha b’Av is Megillat Eicha. The Gemara (Baba Batra 14a) refers to Megillat Eicha as the book of Lamentations, a Biblical book of which allows us to do something normally frowned upon –to question God, as it were. “Eicha, …

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Limitless Love

Limitless Love to counter Baseless Hatred: Tisha B’Av 2017 What relevance can a fast marking the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago possibly have for modern secular Israelis? How can one really be expected to mourn over something one has not personally loved, cherished or revered? This past Tisha B’Av, Ohr Torah Stone’s Yachad …

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Strong Links in the Chain

“I cannot fall asleep, I keep looking at the photos from this evening’s ceremony and phrases from the various things that were said keep popping into my mind. I see my grandmother’s face before me and my mother’s, and I feel happy, somehow… safe? Because I know that my precious daughter, Lihi, has embraced her …

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Enlightening Lag B’Omer

“Lag B’Omer is one of the Jewish festivals celebrated by all Israelis, not just the Orthodox,” notes Eran Yunger, the  Yachad Program Jewish Cultural Facilitator in Tel Aviv.  “No matter where you go in the weeks leading up to the festival you’ll see kids dragging wood to the site of their bonfire and preparing for the …

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From Holocaust to Renewal

Israelis embark upon a period of National days after Pesach, beginning with Holocaust Remembrance Day and continuing with Memorial Day and Independence Day one week later. The transition from somber days of personal bereavement and national mourning to the unbridled celebration of Yom Haatzmaut creates an intense, emotionally charged mood throughout the entire country. The 32 Yachad …

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