lag baOmer

“Lag B’Omer is one of the Jewish festivals celebrated by all Israelis, not just the Orthodox,” notes Eran Yunger, the  Yachad Program Jewish Cultural Facilitator in Tel Aviv.  “No matter where you go in the weeks leading up to the festival you’ll see kids dragging wood to the site of their bonfire and preparing for the …

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“Lag Baomer: A Nation’s Spiritual Purpose and Physical Power”

It is no coincidence, says Rabbi David Stav, Co-Chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone, that the events celebrated on Lag Baomer – along with the date of Joshua’s conquest of Jericho, the date marking Israel’s Independence, and the date marking the re-unification of Jerusalem – occurred during the month of Iyyar. In this world, a nation’s spiritual purpose cannot be achieved if it is not combined with physical power.”


Lag BaOmer Bat Yam

“Lag B’omer is actually one of the few holidays which is celebrated in every single sector of Jewish Israel, from secular to ultra-Orthodox communities,” notes Itai Kremer, the Yachad Program’s Jewish Cultural Facilitator in Bat Yam. ” And yet, the average Israeli has absolutely no idea about the origins of the festival and what the …

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