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The Recalcitrant Rabbi

Another difficult case of get-refusal came to an end on Thursday (September 1) as J, a resident of France represented by Yad L’isha: the Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline, finally received the get that her husband had deposited with a well-known rabbi in France 12 long years ago. The story began in 2004, when the couple …

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“New Orthodox Rabbanit” – Jerusalem Post

“Israel’s new Orthodox rabbanit speaks of her new role” by Jeremy Sharon 24/8/2016 Carmit Feintuch, the newly appointed spiritual leader for the Ramban synagogue in south Jerusalem, has said she sees a sense of mission in her new position to help enrich the religious lives of community members. As first reported by The Jerusalem Post, Feintuch …

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Next Year, Will They Be Free?

A camera lens captures the incredible pain, frustration and despair of 20 agunot and mesuravot get, clients of Yad L’isha: the Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline who are literally trapped in marriages that are dead, unviable or abusive. As we prepare to celebrate Passover – the Holiday of Freedom – we ask …

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“Accomplices to Crime” – Jerusalem Post

“Accomplices to Crime” by Moriah Dayan 20/3/2016 The uniqueness of a groundbreaking decision handed down by the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court on Monday lies in the object of the ruling: the father of a sarvan get – a man who is cruelly refusing to provide his wife with a Jewish writ of divorce – has been …

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Aguna Freed After 28 Years

“Aguna of 28 Years granted Divorce Two Days Before Passover” by Jeremy Sharon 1/04/2015 Long-term agunot are unable to exit a marriage due to certain stipulations of Jewish law, are uncommon but sadly not unknown in Israel.  But the case of one woman, mercifully solved this week, is truly exceptional. Raya Dinenberg was unable to terminate …

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Religious Court Allows Wedding – Jerusalem Post

“Supreme Rabbinical Court grants permission for woman to marry long term partner” by Jeremy Sharon 10/11/2014 A woman who was denied the right to marry her partner of 10 years due to the exigencies of an obscure aspect of Jewish law has finally been granted the right to wed.   Shlomit Lavi was prevented by the …

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“Rabbinical Court Refuses to Let Widow Remarry” – Jerusalem Post

Chalitza Ceremony: Wikipedia Commons

“Jerusalem rabbinical court refuses to let widow of 13 years remarry“ by Jeremy Sharon 08/04/2014 A widow who was unable to remarry for 13 years due to the refusal of her dead husband’s family to allow a little- known ceremony to be performed has recently been denied the right to finally marry her partner of over …

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“Freedom At Last!” – Jerusalem Post

Photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem

“Freedom At Last!” by Tikva Orian 04/16/2014 This Passover I will be celebrating differently than I have become accustomed to in past years.  This year, I won’t feel degraded, unsupported, abused by the system. This year I am a free woman. This must be how they felt when they left Egypt: not blind vis-a-vis the long …

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“Aguna freed after 14 years” – Jerusalem Post

“Aguna Freed After 14 Years of Suffering” Covert plot involved fraudulent passports, private detectives, a safe house and widespread bureaucratic cooperation. by Jeremy Sharon Click here to read the English-language article detailing the fascinating story of H, a Yad L’isha client who was finally freed after 14 years of being denied a ‘get’ by her …

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“Plight of Agunot” – BBC News

shoshana aguna wedding

Plight of Jewish ‘chained women’ trapped in broken marriage By Erica Chernofsky BBC News, Jerusalem Shoshana is lonely. She has been raising her three children alone for almost 15 years. She is a not a widow, she is not divorced, she is what is known in Hebrew as an aguna, or a “chained” woman, because …

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