Yachad: Celebrating Chanukah Together

CLICK FOR PHOTOS   Hundreds of Israelis across the country participated in exciting, festive candlelighting events this Chanukah, thanks to 32 Jewish Cultural Facilitators from OTS’s “Yachad” Program. From the north to the south, spanning 80 communities including Katzrin, Yokneam, Petach Tikva, Rechovot, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Arad and even Eilat, the Yachad facilitators brought …

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Yachad: A Warm and Shining Light

CLICK FOR PHOTOS   Yachad: A Warm and Shining Light “There are 75 families living in our building, and the last time we all gathered together was in the bomb shelter during the war,” says Yavneh resident Odelia Ben-Yaakov. “It was a pleasure to be brought together now in celebration; to celebrate life and the …

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