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Yisrael Hayom – “Cruel and evil behavior”

“Cruel and evil behavior”: Get-abuser who kidnapped his children ordered to pay unprecedented amount to his wife A harsh verdict was handed down against Yigal Sagi, as part of which he was required to pay millions to his wife, to

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Shabbaton Magazine – Women’s Liberation

Women’s Liberation It took seven years to locate the get-refuser who disappeared without a trace from a court hearing, and a total of 14 years during which Rachel was an aguna. Esty fled a violent relationship, knowing that aginut would

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From ‘Desert Woman’ to Free Woman

  From ‘Desert Woman’ to Free Woman Hot off the press!  The lovely woman in this photo, Ilanit (on left), just received her divorce after years of suffering. For seven years Ilanit was denied a divorce by her abusive husband

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Orel Levi at the Finish Line

Living with a Collar Around my Neck

Living with a Collar Around my Neck As a young ultra-Orthodox woman of marriageable age, nothing really prepared me for what ensued. Oped by Orel Silam |  August 16, 2019 This year, Tu Be’av – the 15th day of the

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