Ministry of Education

OTS Schools in Top List for Values, Excellence

We are delighted that two of OTS’s high schools have merited inclusion in Israel’s Outstanding Secondary Schools list, published by the Ministry of Education: the Jennie Sapirstein High School for Girls in Ramot, Jerusalem; and Oriya High School for Girls

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Yonat Lemberger with the certificate of excellence

Ministry of Education Prize to OTS Oriya High School

Just two weeks after making the Education Ministry’s “Outstanding School” list (along with three other OTS high schools), OTS’s  Oriya high school for girls won the Israeli Ministry of Education regional award for professionalism and success in attaining educational and pedagogic

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OTS High Schools on Education Ministry Outstanding List

 Kipa News A Source of Pride for the Religious sector: Approximately 30% of Outstanding High Schools from State-Religious Stream Amongst the outstanding schools placing highest on the list are some from the Bnei Akiva network, the Noam-Tzvia network and the Ohr

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OTS Schools Top-Ranked for Values, Excellence

On August 21, 2016, the Israeli Ministry of Education published a list of 277 schools which excelled in the social and academic realms and in the area of values. Schools in which the greatest changes were noticed in their students’

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