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First Yeshiva High School Student Completes the Odyssey Program

Nir Luria

First Yeshiva High School Student Completes the Odyssey Program Nir Luria, student at Neveh Shmuel Yeshiva, graduates high school with a third of his B.Sc., making him the first yeshiva student to do so. Arutz 7 Staff | July 1, 2019 As 12th graders across the country complete their final matriculation examinations and take their …

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Staying Connected

Since taking on the mantle of leadership at OTS, President Rabbi Kenneth Brander has made a priority of remaining engaged with both students and staff, visiting the various institutions and programs to give shiurim, dialogue and answer questions, as well as hosting OTS students – along with his wife, Ruchie –  on a regular basis …

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Neveh Shmuel Ranked Among Top 10

Alumni of Neveh Shmuel in the IDF

Ohr Torah Stone’s Yeshivat Neveh Shmuel, in Memory of Samuel Pinchas Ehrman was ranked this morning amongst the top ten schools in the country in terms of IDF recruitment, significant military service and percentage who go on to become officers. “Ohr Torah Stone believes that alongside pedagogical excellence, it is imperative above all to implant …

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A Thousand Words – October 8, 2018

neveh shmuel ecology tour

Biology majors at OTS Neveh Shmuel High School for Boys went on a two-day ecological tour at Nitzanim, led by teachers Sarah Safrai and Shlomit Seri.  Students set up a microclimate station, monitored how indiginious plants and animals cope with their challenging habitat conditions, used ultraviolet light to see nighttime creatures (including poisonous snakes) and left a …

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OTS Mourns Alumnus Erez Orbach, z”l Wyszyka

The Ohr Torah Stone family mourns the tragic loss of  Second lieutenant Erez Orbach, z”l,  a graduate of the OTS Neveh Shmuel Yeshiva High School in Efrat, who was killed in yesterday’s vehicular terror attack in Jerusalem, alongside Lt. Yael Yakutiel, Shir Hajaj and Shira Tzur.  Erez, an Officers Course Cadet, volunteered for military service in the IAF …

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Rabbi Miki Mark z”l

OTS mourns 48-year-old Rabbi Michael (Miki) Mark z”l, a graduate of Neveh Shmuel’s very first class who was murdered in a drive-by terrorist shooting on Route 60 on Friday (July 1st).  We extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Chavi, his wife, and to their 10 children.  Miki was a modest and righteous person whose goodness and …

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President’s Award to OTS alumni

OTS congratulates Lieutenant Yigal Wolbromsky, a graduate of Neveh Shmuel Yeshiva High School serving in the Israeli Navy, and Corporal N.G., a graduate of Midreshet Lindenbaum serving the Intelligence Corps, on receiving the prestigious Outstanding Soldier’s Award. The citation, awarded by the President of Israel and IDF Chief of Staff on Yom Haatzmaut, recognizes outstanding service and extraordinary …

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Rami Levy at Neveh Shmuel

Israeli supermarket mogul Rami Levy and his daughter, Yafit Attias, were this week’s guests at the Young Leadership club at OTS’s Neveh Shmuel High School. After greetings from Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yaakov Fisher and school principal Chezi Zecharia, Levy explained his personal strategy to the students:  “To buy a lot, to make some money, and …

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Melting the Ice

Jerusalem and Gush Etzion are still recovering from the worst snowstorm in decades. Today – eight days after the first flakes began to blanket the Judean hills – there are still homes without electricity, businesses that cannot open, streets covered in black ice, inestimable damage to property, and huge mounds of snow everywhere. But there are also heartwarming stories which so characterize Israelis. Displays of kindness, lightheartedness and generosity on levels far higher than the tallest snowdrift. Ohr Torah Stone’s students and faculty were no exception. We are proud of our teenage high-schoolers who volunteered to shovel out the driveways of local residents and visit elderly, sick or infirm members of their communities. We are proud of our students, faculty and staff members who exemplify the Jewish values of chessed and tzedek, who never forget those amongst us who are less fortunate and never forget the ideals on which the Torah stands. May the good deeds that transpired over the past week merit an Israel that is soft and white, long after the snow melts.

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