OTS Oriya girls with their trophy

Oriya snags first place in regional competition

OTS Oriya students’ o2-go initiative snags first place in regional Young Entrepreneurs competition Young entrepreneurs from the Ohr Torah Stone Oriya High School for Girls in Gush Etzion have developed a product which can instantly provide a private, sheltered spot

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Oriya film track

Take Two: Oriya film track snags first place… twice!

For the first time this year, the “Chemed” (State-Religious Educational tracks) held two film competitions: a Jewish-Social screenwriting competition, and the “Zusha” contest for films inspired by Hasidic stories. In an unprecedented fashion, the Ann Belsky Moranis Film Track at

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Snapshot from the Arutz Sheva website

Boundaries and Limits: Special Seminar at OTS Oriya

Brigadier-General Bluth:  “Leadership is the ability to motivate others do things without exercising authority”  Arutz 7 Staff | 24/02/19 (translated from Hebrew) Ohr Torah Stone’s Oriya High School for girls held a special seminar on the topic of boundaries and

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Picture of the dinner game

What’s for dinner?

Find yourself fighting with the kids over what’s for dinner? A new game, created by students at OTS Oriya High School, turns dinner time from a nightmare into an enjoyable family affair Orli Harrari | Arutz Sheva News 07/02/19 Every

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Yonat Lemberger with the certificate of excellence

Ministry of Education Prize to OTS Oriya High School

Just two weeks after making the Education Ministry’s “Outstanding School” list (along with three other OTS high schools), OTS’s  Oriya high school for girls won the Israeli Ministry of Education regional award for professionalism and success in attaining educational and pedagogic

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Arutz 7 Ulpana students produce Kaniuk play

Arutz 7: Ulpana students produce Kaniuk play

Ulpana students produce Kaniuk play Eleventh Graders from Ohr Torah Stone’s Ulpanat Oriya were awarded the Yad Vashem prize for their production of “Adam Resurrected,” based on the novel by Yoram Kaniuk. Arutz 7 – Published: 24.06.18  [Translated from Hebrew] Three

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“Peak Day” for Ann Belsky Moranis program

The Ann Belsky Moranis Program at the Oriya girls’ high school held its annual “Peak Day” for all the arts tracks, a day designed to enrich the students by providing them with professional tools which cannot be attained within the

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Jerusalem’s Many Faces

Jerusalem’s Many Faces In honor of Jerusalem Day, the Israel Museum invited art students from 20 Israeli high schools to participate in an outdoor sculpture exhibition. “The exhibit included students from the religious and secular Jewish, Arab and Druze educational

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