Oriya Girls Awarded Yad Vashem Prize

Oriya Girls Awarded Yad Vashem Prize  A prize in the category of Outstanding Final Matriculation Project on the Subject of the Holocaust was awarded to the theater track at “Ohr Torah Oriya” high school for girls at an awards ceremony

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Oriya Awarded Prestigious Education Prize

Congratulations to the staff, parents and students of the Oriya High School for Girls in Alon Shvut, and its principal, Yonat Lemberger, upon being awarded the prestigious Prize for Religious Education for the year 5776!    

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Public Trial at OTS Oriya

When was the last time you heard a debate so passionate and relevant and yet simultaneously so deep and cultured? On Rosh Chodesh Adar 1, such a debate took place at OTS Ulpanat Oriya. The discussion represented the meeting point of

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News from the Ann Belsky Moranis Program

We are delighted to share some of the recent accomplishments of the various Ann Belsky Moranis Arts tracks in the Ohr Torah Stone schools. A Means of Expression At a recent gallery exhibition of art projects from all the art

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Second Place to Oriya’s “Chick Flick”

The movie “Seret Banot” (“Chick Flick”), produced by students in the Ann Belsky Moranis Film track at OTS Oriya High School, won second place in the final competition today, held at the Conference of State-Religious School Film Departments.  The movie deals

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Gush Etzion Heroine

Mayor of Gush Etzion, Davidi Perl, writes:  “Yesterday I met a national heroine. Shaked Gabai, a student in Ohr Torah Stone’s Ulpanat Oriya came to my office, two weeks after she witnessed the terror attack at the bus stop in

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Creative Interpretations of Megillat Ruth

Ninth grade students in the Ann Belsky Moranis Art Program‘s graphic arts track at Oriya High School for Girls examined the texts and meanings of Megillat Ruth, then shared their personal interpretations of the verses through their creative prints. Their works were displayed

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