A Night to Remember: Yachad Makes Pesach Meaningful

A Night to Remember: Yachad Makes Pesach Meaningful for Thousands of Israelis “Diaspora Jews who are not religious are generally much more connected to Jewish tradition and to a Jewish community than secular Jews in Israel are,” laments Alita Mor,

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The Blessing for Eating Chametz on Pesach

The Blessing for Eating Chametz on Pesach Rabbi Kenneth Brander is the President and Rosh HaYeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone On Pesach in Bergen-Belsen, Rabbi Aaron Issachar-Bernard Davids, who was Chief Rabbi of Rotterdam, Holland before the war, instructed his

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How was this Pesach Different?

How was this Pesach Different? For generations of Jewish children, one of the highlights of the Pesach Seder has been standing on a chair and reciting the Four Questions. And yet – in the Jewish state of Israel – the

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Why was this night different?

According to statistics, a mass exodus took place this past Pesach. But unlike the Biblical Exodus which Pesach is meant to recall, this exodus was comprised of half a million Israelis who responded to sweet vacation deals promising “true freedom”

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“Parsha to the Point” – Shevii shel Pesach 5778

Pesach 5778  Rabbi David Stav We recall that following the Jewish People’s departure from Egypt, they found themselves in a serious bind, entrapped by towering mountains to the side, their oncoming Egyptian captors to the rear, and the sea up ahead.

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Year after Year

Year after Year by Yoni Rotenberg Shevii Magazine – 30/3/2018 The halls are full, the desire for kosher food is up and the students are seeking a meeting with meaning | Community rabbis worldwide tell about the connection to Pesach among

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“Shabbat Shalom” – Last Day Pesach 5778

Pesach – Last Day Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Efrat, Israel — “…God made the people take a roundabout path, by way of the desert…” [Ex. 13:18]. Having observed the Passover Seder just one week ago, we would do well to reflect

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