Pnina Omer

Get-Refusal is Also Violence

Get-refusal is also violence On this day devoted to fighting violence against women, give a thought to ‘P’, whose husband has refused her a divorce for 19 years P. is 59 years old and has been chained to her husband for 19 years. For 19 years she has been waiting for her freedom, praying to …

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The Reward of the Recalcitrant

Pnina Omer

The Reward of the Recalcitrant by Pnina Omer 28/5/2018 Over the last two weeks, the Israeli media has discovered a new celebrity: a man who is eloquent, articulate and also quite knowledgeable in halakha (Jewish Law). This new star is also violent, manipulative and doesn’t speak the truth; this, however, only serves to turn the media horror show …

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