Rabbi Shlomo Wallfish

Prayer as Atonement

Prayer as Atonement Rabbi Shlomo Walfish is a Ram (Rav Moreh) at OTS’s Robert M. Beren Machanaim Hesder Yeshiva The Mishnah in Baba Kama (Chapter 8, Mishnah 7) gives a summary of the compensatory damages that have to be paid

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Rabbanit Chamutal Shoval

Online Prayers Bring New Spirit to Synagogues

Online Prayers Bring New Spirit to Synagogues Women also want to pray and be counted in the synagogue. Prayers over Zoom bring a spirit of partnership and equality Rabbanit Chamutal Shoval is the Anita Perlman Fellow in Ohr Torah Stone’s

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The Message and its Messenger

The Message and its Messenger We have the opportunity to become the “authors” of the prayers we read and the Torah we study through internalizing their messages and personifying their ideals. By Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander – September 4, 2018 With

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Rabbi Grunstein

Something’s Missing

Rosh Chodesh Davening: Something’s Missing Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein At the beginning of each Jewish month [with the exception of Rosh Hashanah, which is a full-fledged holiday beginning of the Jewish year, and also being the beginning of the Jewish month

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The Right Way to Love God

The Right Way to Love God by Rabbi Dr. Michael Ben Admon Translated from the original Hebrew by Rabbi Benjy Myers While praying, each person occasionally stops the flow of words coming out their mouth to focus on a word

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