Recalcitrant Grandfather Fined for Blocking Get

24/08/18 [Translated from Hebrew] Recalcitrant grandfather fined for blocking daughter-in-law’s divorce Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court justices rejected the petition of a man who is encouraging his son to refuse his wife a divorce to cancel the penalties that were imposed

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Precedential Ruling for Get-Refuser’s Father

Israeli Supreme Court hands down precedential ruling in case of get-refuser’s father The Israeli Supreme Court handed down a precedent-setting ruling on Monday in one of the most publicized cases being handled by Ohr Torah Stone’s Yad L’isha: The Monica

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Unprecedented Ruling Jails Father of Get-Refuser

In a groundbreaking ruling, the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court ruled on Monday to jail the father of a get-refuser for 30 days. In a precedent setting step, today (Monday, March 14) the Tel Aviv Regional Court ruled to incarcerate for

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