Rabbanit Devorah Evron
Rabbanit Devorah Evron

“I’m not here to start a revolution”: Devorah Evron Appointed Bar Ilan Spiritual Leader Bar Ilan University announced new campus position – Spiritual Leader, to be filled by Rabbanit Devorah Evron By Moshe Maiersdorff  | February 2, 2021 The field of women’s Torah leadership in Israel was given an additional boost this week when Bar …

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Devorah Evron Appointed Bar Ilan Spiritual Leader

Rabbanit Devorah Evron

Parshat Vayishlach: Dina’s Tragic Story Rabbanit Devorah Evron is the Director of the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL)  A young woman comes to a new land, and ventures out to see who her neighbors our, and who she can connect with. She’s new on the block. This is what we read in the …

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The New Religious Women by Chen Artzi-Srour  Yediot Aharonot, Shabbat Magazine 23/8/2018 [Translated from Hebrew] They had been considered an oddity, but what began quietly on social media gave birth to a revolution: religious feminists have evolved into agents of social change.  They speak out against sexual abuse, demand changes in the way the mikveh …

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Rabbanit Devorah Evron

  “Shabbat is Meaningful to Everyone” by Rabbanit Devorah Evron  Jerusalem Post Op-Ed –  18/1/2018 Over the last few months, Shabbat has evolved from being the Day of Rest to being the focal point of a fiery verbal boxing match. The concept of Shabbat in the Israeli public sphere has remained in the headlines, beginning with the …

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The Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL) at Midreshet Lindenbaum is delighted to announce that Rabbanit Devorah Evron is joining the program in a directorial capacity, effective September 1, 2017. A graduate of the Halakha Program for Women at Beit Morasha, Evron passed with distinction the exams in all realms of Jewish law (the same …

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