Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen

Tradition Journal Podcast – Sharing Torah with the World

PODCAST: Sharing Torah with the World Tradition Online | November 28, 2022 TRADITION’s Summer 2022 issue featured an article by Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen, “Sharing Torah with the World: The Jewish People’s Responsibility to Non-Jews,” a learned treatment of issues related

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Rabbi Yakov Nagen

JPost: ‘Ramadan kareem’

‘Ramadan kareem’: Learning more about Islam, Israel’s neighbors – opinion We would do well to recognize the importance of this period for a significant portion of the population, both in Israel and around the world.  by Yakov Nagen   | April

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TOI – The problem is not baseless hatred

The problem is not baseless hatred We Israeli Jews must learn to coexist with 2 million Arab Israelis, not because we’re doing them a favor, but as a profound existential need of our society RABBI DR. YAKOV NAGEN Once upon

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