Rabbi Kenneth Brander

JPost – A Time for Serious Reflection

125 Years of Modern Religious Zionism: A Time for Serious Reflection Our achievements over the past century and a quarter have surpassed the dreams of even the most ambitious visionaries. They’re nothing short of a manifestation of our prophets’ farsighted

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JPost – Religion State Reforms Will Strengthen Halacha

Religion state reforms will strengthen halacha – opinion Modifications to kashrut and conversion systems represent a key opportunity to address critical issues in Jewish practice that demand change by Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander   | February 12, 2022  In ongoing discussions with

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JPost – Don’t turn ‘agunot’ into pawns

Don’t turn ‘agunot’ into pawns Her extremely complex case was brought before the official, state-authorized beit din of Tel Aviv. by Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander   | December 7, 2021  When a victim of nearly 20 years of violence and abuse asks

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