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Rabbinical Court orders ‘shaming’ of get-refuser

Eli Sompo

Jerusalem Rabbinical Court ordered shaming of a recalcitrant husband who fled to Gibraltar In an unusual step, the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court allowed the publication of details of Eli Sompo, who has been refusing to give his wife a divorce and anchoring her in their failed marriage after fleeing and disappearing in Gibraltar. The goal: to …

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Get-Refusal is Violence

“It’s like being in prison, in handcuffs. You’re prohibited from doing anything… No one can come near you. You belong to someone.” This, according to Shlomit, is what it feels like to be trapped in a marriage by a man refusing to grant you a divorce. The mother of four and a client of Yad …

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Breaching the Walls of the Rabbinical Courts

  “Breaching the Walls of the Rabbinical Courts” by Pnina Omer Israel Hayom Op-Ed –  9/8/2016   Yet again, the High Court of Justice has been forced to intervene to prevent gender discrimination in a religious institution, this time deciding to mandate that the rabbinical courts appoint a woman to the position of deputy director general. Since …

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Unprecedented Ruling Jails Father of Get-Refuser

In a groundbreaking ruling, the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court ruled on Monday to jail the father of a get-refuser for 30 days. In a precedent setting step, today (Monday, March 14) the Tel Aviv Regional Court ruled to incarcerate for 30 days the father of a get-refusing husband, on the grounds that the father was responsible …

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Three Days to 2.5 Years

Three days turned into a two-and-a-half year struggle. A mere three days..  that’s how long it took for Yael (changed name) to understand that she had made a mistake, that she had married a fraud, that their entire courtship had been based upon a lie. Yael left the marital home during the course of the …

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According to Halacha: Completely Equal

Osnat Sharon

According to Halacha: Completely Equal by Osnat Sharon 14/1/2016 Together with the great joy that accompanied the news of the High Court decision to order the State to formulate regulations that will allow women to submit their candidacy to serve as Director of the Rabbinical Courts, I also felt anger and disappointment.  This is because …

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The Poor Man’s Ewe-Lamb

The Poor Man’s Ewe-Lamb by Osnat Sharon 6/12/2015 As much as we applaud the move toward greater equality, this decision requires greater examination. Is it truly proof that the Rabbinical Court is adjusting to the times? Or is it, possibly, the removal of the only advantage that had been allowed to women through Jewish personal …

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