Reuven Rivlin
Sergeant Asher Katz

Congratulations to OTS alumnus Sergeant Asher Katz upon being one of 120 outstanding IDF soldiers to be awarded the President’s Certificate of Excellence on Yom Haatzmaut 2019 Upon graduating from OTS’s Derech Avot High School, Katz enlisted in the Kfir Infantry Brigade and served in the Charuv (Carob) special operations reconnaissance unit. During the course …

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1st Lieutenant Y

“רבות בנות עשו חיל ואת עלית על כולנה” Congratulations to First Lieutenant Y on being one of the 120 outstanding IDF soldiers to receive this year’s President’s Award for Excellence! A graduate of Midreshet Lindenbaum‘s Hadas Torah/Army Program (whose name was not authorized for publication), received her award from Israeli President Reuven Ruvi Rivlin and IDF …

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Two Midreshet Lindenbaum alumnae among 120 “Excellent” IDF soldiers recognized by President in Israel’s 70th year As in each year, “Mitztaynei Hanasi” – those IDF soldiers who are recognized with the President’s Award for Excellence in service – received their awards at a special ceremony which took place on Yom Haatzmaut, in the presence of President …

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