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A Night of Reflection

Rabbanit Sally Mayer

A Night of Reflection Rabbanit Sally Mayer, Rosh Midrasha of the Maria and Joel Finkle Overseas Program at Midreshet Lindenbaum When we think about the seder night, our first thought often relates to the hard labor of cleaning and cooking that precedes it – perhaps yet another way in which we taste the bitterness of slavery, aside …

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Blazing Trails in the Religious World

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Blazing a trail:  pioneering women in the religious world The Ohr Torah Stone network is at the forefront of change in every facet of the women’s Torah revolution: offering Torah studies and halakha instruction for women, freeing agunot and fostering professional development.  “The mother of all midrashot,” Midreshet Lindenbaum has opened up new campuses in …

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תשליך במבט שני

Rabbanit Sally Mayer

  רק להשליך את החטאים בים וזהו? תשליך במבט שני  הרבנית סאלי מאיר משגיחה רוחנית של תוכנית חו”ל ע”ש מריה ויואל פינקל, מדרשת או”ת לינדנבאום מנהג אמירת תשליך הוא מאד נפוץ בעם ישראל – בראש השנה אחר הצהריים, מתכנסים ליד מקווה מים ואומרים פסוקים מספר מיכה ומספר תהילים. הפסוקים המרכזיים הם: (מיכה ז: יח-כ) “מִי …

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Hallel: The Song of the Seder

Rabbanit Sally Mayer

Hallel: The Song of the Seder Sally Mayer Senior Faculty, Midreshet Lindenbaum  The prayer of Hallel evokes memories of the celebrations that dot the Jewish calendar throughout the year. On holidays such as Hanukkah, Succoth, Rosh Hodesh, and Yom Ha’atzma’ut, we gather in the synagogue to sing Hallel, a collection of songs of praise to …

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The Inspiration to Change

Rabbanit Sally Mayer

The Inspiration to Change Sally Mayer Faculty, Midreshet Lindenbaum We will read soon in Parshat Nitzavim that the mitzvah of teshuvah is “לא בשמים היא” – it is not in heaven or across the sea, far away and unreachable, but rather it is within our grasp and our ability to accomplish.  The Torah makes it …

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