Parashat Shelach Lecha: Optical Illusion Rabbi Baron Dasberg, Rabbi of Ulpanat Oriya This is one of the central pedagogical questions we grapple with – how do we forge our children (and ourselves) into people of faith? We once thought that we could achieve anything through reason. If we would only use logical reasoning to explain …

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Photo: Chaim Snow

Rabbi Riskin would like to clarify that he inadvertently attributed the first source to Ohr HaHayyim.
In fact, the correct source is 
Kli Yakar.
Thank you.

“You Must Love the Land” — Rabbi Shlomo Riskin on Parshat Shlach

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin


Parshat Shlach (Numbers 13:1 – 15:41) Rabbi David Stav  The story of the sin of the spies, upon which the Torah greatly elaborates, is the lead story of Parshat Shlach. The nation sets out toward the Promised Land on the twentieth day of the month of Iyar, after a stay of nearly one year near Mount Sinai. …

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Shabbat Shalom: Parshat Shelach Lecha (Numbers 13:1-15:41) Efrat, Israel –  “And the Lord spoke to Moses saying ‘send forth for yourself men to explore the land of Canaan…” (Numbers 13:1-2) The great sin of humanity was Adam’s disregard of God’s command not to eat the fruit of knowledge; the great sin of Israel was the Israelites’ disregard …

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