OTS Shlichim: Forming Strong Bonds Through Resilience and Shared Commitment

OTS Shlichim: Global Bonds Strengthened by Shared Commitment Amidst Crisis Seventeen OTS emissary families navigate emergency IDF reserve service, inspiring unbreakable ties with their communities worldwide “On October 7, we started hearing about what was happening in Israel,” relates

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Shaliach Tzibbur: On Being a Public Messenger

Shaliach Tzibbur: On Being a Public Messenger Rabbi Nir Koren is a shaliach (emissary) of OTS’s Straus-Amiel institute who previously served as rabbi of Monterrey and Cancun, Mexico; Cali, Columbia; and Quito, Ecuador. He and his family are currently working

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JPost – To the Diaspora, with Love

To the Diaspora, with Love – opinion Decades after the end of World War II and the creation of Israel – two penultimate events in our people’s modern history – the Jewish community continues to struggle with assimilation. By Rabbi

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A Thousand Words – September 5, 2022

As 24 alumni families are busy settling in to their rabbinic and educational shlichut in locations across the globe, the Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel Emissary Training Institutes are already looking toward the next destinations. This week, new program participants from the

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Algemeiner – The DNA of a Rabbinical Emissary

The DNA of a Rabbinical Emissary Rabbi Nir and Andy Koren, June 8, 2022 Nations, just like individuals, possess a certain genetic makeup that defines their behavior, growth, and progress. For the nation of Israel (i.e., the Jewish people), and

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Arutz 7 – Refugees Remember the Fallen

Refugees Remember the Fallen A special Yom Hazikaron ceremony was held in the Jewish community of the city of Lodz, Poland, in memory of Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror. Nitzan Kedar, May 4, 2022 As Israel marks Remembrance

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JPost – Independence Day Around the World

Independence Day: Here’s how Jewish communities around the world are celebrating Jewish communities around the globe have created events for Yom Ha’zikaron and are beginning to celebrate Independence Day. Zvika Klein, May 4, 2022 In India, a small hut that

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