“You walk around freely with your kippa on?”

Rabbi Uzi Levian of Gothenburg Sweden

“You walk around freely with your kippa on?” by Rabbi Uzi Levian | Kipa News | October 10, 2019 On the night of Yom Kippur, following a moving prayer service and a reunion with Gothenburg’s Jewish members, some of whom I had last seen exactly a year before, we walked out of our community building …

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From Israel with Love

Professor Sergio della Pergola

From Israel with Love OTS Amiel BaKehila launches a new year of increased activity with symposium for mission delegates. Rabbi Kenneth Brander: “”All of you represent a new paradigm, a new phenomenon: that Diaspora Jewry can be influenced and inspired by its brothers and sisters in Israel – and vice versa.” A symposium on the …

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A Sense of Responsibility

“Why go out on shlichut?” asked Shiran and Yoni Dreyer, an OTS-trained educator couple recently placed in Omaha, Nebraska.  “That’s a question we found ourselves pondering often over the course of our training. “Every generation has its challenge, every generation needs people with vision and ideology, people who will act, do and aspire for good,” …

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Indonesia’s small but determined Jewish community

Tikva and Daniel

Indonesia’s small but determined Jewish community The Jews of the largest Muslim country are descended from those who fled forced conversion in Peru; they number in the scant hundreds and practice their faith in secret, but now they have the support of Jewish organizations abroad – and two of them have even dared to visit …

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“I am the ‘other'”

Yom Iyun

“I am the ‘other’” “We’ve all felt at some point or another in our lives that we do not belong,” says Rabbi Benjy Myers, Educational Director of the Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel emissary training programs. “As educational and spiritual leaders, we can tap into those awkward and painful feelings of being different to better understand our …

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Celebrating 20 Years of Emissary Activity

Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel graduation at the Knesset

Rabbinical Emissary Program to Diaspora Celebrates 20 Years of Work The program, an initiative of the Ohr Torah Stone network of institutions, began in 1999 with the goal of providing Jewish communities in the Diaspora with rabbis and teachers to bolster Jewish life. By Jeremy Sharon | May 15, 2019 Some 90 Jewish communities across …

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Training for emissaries… and their parents

Training parents of shlichim

For the first time in Israel: Training for the parents of shlichim as well  After 20 years of training shlichim to serve in Jewish communities in the Diaspora, Ohr Torah’s Straus-Amiel institute decided that the time has come for the parents of emissaries to get involved too Arutz 7 | 3 February 2019 (Translated from …

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“Our mission has not ended”

Posed photo of evening's participants

Returning Emissaries: “Our mission has not ended” Eleven emissary families who recently returned from Jewish communities in the Diaspora met last week to reflect upon the happy moments, the times of crisis and difficulty, and also the moments which gave them satisfaction. Some had been in the Diaspora for five years; others for two. Some …

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‘The Islands will Rejoice!’

Cover of Jm Post Magazine

    ‘The Islands will Rejoice!’ Psalm 96 comes alive for the writer, who recounts her joyous journey on ‘shlihut’ in Papua, as an emissary of the Ohr Torah Nidchei Yisrael project.  By Nili Salem B’Simcha – September 28, 2018 When the email was returned, we learned that the shlihut (emissary) opportunities to work with the …

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How many emissaries are there? All the surprising details…

Photo of Fish family

How many emissaries are there, and who is the youngest of all? All the statistics about the emissaries exposed: how old is the youngest, and how many languages to they speak? All of the surprising details. Guy Ezra, Srugim News – 28 September, 2018  (Translated from Hebrew) The new OTS emissaries, graduates of Straus-Amiel, Beren-Amiel, and …

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The Forgotten Jewish Community of Ecuador

The Synagogue in Quito Ecuador

The following article in the OU’s Jewish Action magazine celebrates the work of Straus-Amiel emissary Rabbi Nir Koren as he revitalizes Jewish life in Quito, Ecuador The Forgotten Jewish Community of Ecuador Jewish Action Magazine Jews have been living in Ecuador since the Spanish conquest in the 1500s, but those early Sephardic families almost completely …

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