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Jewish organization prepares for High Holy Days amid coronavirus pandemic

Jewish organization prepares for High Holy Days amid coronavirus pandemic In Israel, where coronavirus infections has spiked as of late, organizations are moving towards prayer services that will be limited in size as well as scope in order to stymie the infection rate. By Jerusalem Post Staff | September 9, 2020  Jewish organizations around the …

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Shofar to Come to Parks – JPost

shofar being blown in the park before Rosh Hashana

Shofar to Come to Hundreds of Parks Throughout Israel “Shofar in the Park” will bring the spirit of the festival to more than 200 parks, central squares, community centers and public spaces throughout Israel. BY JPOST.COM STAFF September 5, 2018 On both days of Rosh Hashana, Ohr Torah Stone network’s “Yachad” program will run the “Shofar …

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There is a Shofar for Everyone

boy blowing the shofar

There is a shofar for everyone The growing demand for Shofar in the Park, which will take place in 270 centers, proves that – contrary to public opinion – Israelis are far from being afraid of religion. Shimon Cohen, September 3, 2018 (Translated from Hebrew) A “Shofar in the Park” event will be held in …

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Shofar for Everyone

The Shofar Belongs to Everyone Rabbi Riskin often says that as committed Jews, our approach toward everything in life is critical: rather than cursing the darkness, we must light more candles. In what has become a tradition, our Yachad Program ran a nationwide Rosh Hashana initiative which lit the proverbial candles for tens of thousands of secular …

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OTS Shofar Around the World

Shofar Blasts Heard Around the World For many of us, the sound of the Shofar is an integral part of our daily routine, the soundtrack which accompanies us from the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul all the way through Rosh Hashana.  But this year, tourists in many of the world’s major cities of New Zealand, Europe, …

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The Call of the Shofar

The Call of the Shofar Listen to Rabbi Mordechai Zeller, a graduate of the Straus-Amiel emissary program, as he explains why he’s blowing the shofar publicly across the Cambridge University campus, where he and his wife are serving as chaplains. Sounding a Shofar in the Heart of Cambridge, England. Rabbi Mordechai Zeller, OTS's Straus-Amiel Rabbinical …

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