Yaakov Don

“Rav Yaakov’s way will prevail”

Hundreds of students, parents and teachers from OTS Derech Avot high school in Efrat were joined by OTS Chancellor Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, OTS Director General Yinon Ahiman, Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi and Gush Etzion Mayor Davidi Perl this morning for a public tefillat Shacharit to honor the memory of their beloved teacher, Rabbi Yaakov Don hy”d. …

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Rav Yaakov Don z”l – רב יעקב דון ז”ל

It is with a broken heart that OTS mourns Rav Yaakov Don, z”l, beloved and inspirational teacher at OTS Derech Avot High School who was murdered in today’s terrorist attack at Gush Etzion Junction. We extend our deepest sympathy and embrace his wife, Sarah, and their four children: Aviad, Maor, Yedidya and Racheli. Yaakov loved …

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