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OTS Lighting the Way – 7th Night of Chanukah

Ohr Torah Stone is lighting the way! Together for candle lighting – together in building community! The seventh night has arrived, soon all of the candles will burn together brightly as one strong light – the perfect symbol for Ohr

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Zikaron BaSalon

A Thousand Words – April 27, 2022

We Remember and Never Forget In preparation for Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Jewish Cultural Coordinators of OTS’s Yachad-Jewish Identity Program organized “Zikaron BaSalon” (literally, “Remembrance in the Living Room”) meetings in private homes and community centers throughout Israel, giving youth

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A Night to Remember: Yachad Makes Pesach Meaningful

A Night to Remember: Yachad Makes Pesach Meaningful for Thousands of Israelis “Diaspora Jews who are not religious are generally much more connected to Jewish tradition and to a Jewish community than secular Jews in Israel are,” laments Alita Mor,

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A Thousand Words – April 11, 2022

Jewish Cultural Coordinators from OTS’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity started planning a variety of Pesach activities the minute that Purim ended – and their hard work bore fruit as dozens of matza baking sessions, model seders, classes and exciting

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A Thousand Words – March 14, 2022

Israelis of all ages, affiliations and backgrounds were brought together by OTS’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity to gather and box up crucially-needed basic necessities for Ukrainian refugees. Yachad aims to build strong and cohesive Jewish communities across Israel that

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Yachad Program,

A Thousand Words – August 2, 2021

Over the course of the long summer vacation, many parents seek fun activities and attractions for their children. Our  Yachad Program for Jewish Identity coordinators offer exciting trips and appearling events that attract families while simultaneously strengthening their connection with

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A Thousand Words – July 5, 2021

This week, a Kabbalat Shabbat was held for teenagers in Acre, enabling them to take part in the unifying communal journey through songs and commemorative tradition within their community. The activity was organized by the coordinator of the Yachad Program

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A Thousand Words – March 22, 2021

This week, coordinators from Ohr Torah Stone’s Yachad Program for Jewish Identity ran model seders under the banner “A Journey into the Haggadah” for Israelis all over the country – from the southern tip of Eilat and all the way

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