Yom Kippur

Ten Days – Ten Thoughts: Day One

Two Facets of Our Relationship with God Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander The primary mitzva of Rosh Hashana is the blowing of the shofar. Jewish law tells us that there are two sets of blasts: one, known as t’kiot d’meyushav, are

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“Parsha to the Point” – Yom Kippur 5778

Yom Kippur 5778 Rabbi David Stav  If you were to peruse the streets of Israel on the evening of Yom Kippur, you couldn’t help but notice the unique atmosphere, as a blanket of majestic beauty settles on the physical world around

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“Shabbat Shalom” – Yom Kippur 5778

Shabbat Shalom: Yom Kippur Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Efrat, Israel – “…for this reason I hastened to flee to Tarshish, for I know that You are a gracious and merciful God, slow to anger, with much kindness, and relenting of evil”

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“Using the Power of Shaming for Good”

Using the Power of Shaming for Good by Osnat Sharon 9/11/2015 The term “shaming” is integral to the vocabulary of the Facebook and Twitter generation. In this age of smartphones, the Town Square has been replaced by a virtual space

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“The Gates of Tears are Never Locked”

The Gates of Tears are Never Locked Between Mechila and Shtar Mechila by Osnat Sharon 21/9/2015 Moses Maimonides in Hilkhot Teshuvah (The Laws of Repentance) Chapter 2 writes that repentance and Yom Kippur can only atone for the sins between

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Eating on the Day Before Yom Kippur

Eating on the Day Before Yom Kippur R. Ḥiyya bar R. Difti taught: It says, “And you shall afflict yourselves on the ninth” [Lev. 23:32]. Now on the ninth do we fast? Do we not fast on the tenth? Rather,

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“For the Sins We Have Committed”

“For the Sins We Have Committed” by Osnat Sharon 30/9/2014 The days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are days of introspection and convergence. They mark the beginning of autumn, with its cool winds, accompanied by solemnness and gloomy thoughts. From

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Yom Kippur 5775 — Rabbi Riskin (text)

Shabbat Shalom: Yom Kippur 5775 This week’s column has been dedicated in memory of Simon and Rachel Nunberg; Sam and Sara Citron Efrat, Israel – The climax of Yom Kippurim is its closing Ne’ilah prayer when the sun is beginning to

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