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Friday. March 15th, 2019. JERUSALEM. Run. With. Us.

Team Darkaynu is getting ready for another fantastic marathon with more than 30,000 others!

The event itself is reason enough to participate as it is such an inclusive event representing so much of what is so beautiful about our people and our land.

However, the TEAM DARKAYNU MARATHON CAMPAIGN contributes significant funds to our scholarship fund and thus allows us to make the Darkaynu programs accessible to even more students and their appreciative families.

We need your help! Sponsor one of the runners – or run yourself – to help us raise funds for the ONLY year-in-Israel program for young adults with special needs. 

Darkaynu is unique because it “sidestreams” students in a specialized, highly-supervised program featuring an exceptional counselor/student ratio, operating within the larger environments of other overseas programs for mainstreamed youth. This empowers Darkaynu students to participate in activities in which they can excel and build confidence, i.e. dorm experiences, meals, weekends, outings, celebrations or leisure time, but separates them for those in which they need individualized attention, such as in the classroom, or in workshops tailored specifically for them on subjects ranging from life skills, independent living or interpersonal relations. Darkaynu also provides each student with vocational training, work and volunteer placements, a personal “adoptive family,” and an abundance of social opportunities which they couldn’t possibly experience on their own.

For more information:
or call us at +972-52-611-8550


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